Brad Pitt, Knox, Vivienne, Angelina Jolie

Jun Sato/Getty Images, Junko Kimura/Getty Images

Good news, the twins have been integrated into the Jolie-Pitt family. Brad tells the Daily Telegraph: "We were four before, and we got into our rhythms and it worked. Then someone new comes in, and it discombobulates the movements for a moment, but then you settle in again and it just all works. Everyone's pretty well integrated. It's not the first time new kids have come in. "

Well, this had to happen at some point: Nick Lachey has responded to the Great Jessica Simpson Weight Debate: "I wish her nothing but the best and I hope she's happy—whatever size that comes in." Did he LOL after he came up with that zinger? Anyway, let's make next week a Jessica Simpson free week. Please?

Why would anyone photograph 15-year-old Ali Lohan as part of an Extraordinary Women Exhibit? Why is Ali Lohan, 15, still not in school? And why is Ali Lohan, 15, wearing a grown-up lady dress?

• Denis Leary isn't so bad when he's being an a-hole to himself.

Let's see what Kanye West is calling himself today."I AM NUCLEAR ENERGY". Alright then, let us address him as such.

Is Katherine Heigl finally packing up and moving out of our lives? Only the Big Picture gallery can say.

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