Guy Ritchie, John Ritchie

Jason Krempin/Getty Images, Jon Furniss/Getty Images

Because we haven't heard nearly enough about the Guy Ritchie and Madonna's divorce, John Ritchie, the moviemaker's father, is sharing his thoughts on the split.

"The worst thing would be if they reconciled," he tells In Touch. "Guy is better off…We hope she does have a lot of boyfriends because it means she won't ever get back together with Guy."

What a buttinski!

Does the Snatch helmer really need his father blabbing to the tabs about his life?

Such a story made us think of some of our other tabloid-friendly celebrity parents. So read on for our Top 10 Parental Buttinskis, from Dina Lohan and Joe Simpson to Jon Voight and Joe Jackson.

And consider Mr. Ritchie an honorable mention…for now.

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