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Well, Arrow sure does know how to do a midseason finale. 

Tonight, we got one step closer to finding out who Prometheus is, but that got kind of overshadowed by the fact that at the very end of the episode, Oliver entered the Arrow cave to find none other than...Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy)!

Somehow, some way, the Canary is back, despite the fact that she definitely died last season at the hands of Damien Darhk. Is it for real? Is Oliver dreaming? Is this a Flashpoint thing? Are we being punk'd? 

We got a lot of questions, and unfortunately no answers until the show comes back in February, which is a real bummer. 

Katie Cassidy, Arrow


On one hand, we're going to be pretty annoyed if the show is bringing back yet another dead character, meaning a lot of the emotional impact of that death and of last season is totally void now. But on the other hand, last week's episode showed us that maybe, in order to get back to its roots like the show so desperately wants and needs to, bringing back a dead character or two is actually necessary.

Guess we'll just have to wait and find out what this actually means! 

Elsewhere, Oliver and the team figured out that Prometheus is the son of Justin Claybourne, one of the men from Oliver's dad's list, who the Arrow had defeated several years ago.

Prometheus staged a fight with the Green Arrow to look exactly like the fight that led to Claybourne's death, only instead of allowing Oliver to kill him, Prometheus captured and dressed up poor Billy, and Oliver accidentally killed him instead. 

So now Felicity's boyfriend is dead, just as she was getting used to introducing him as her boyfriend, and Felicity is real sad about it. 

To recap: Billy's dead, Laurel's alive somehow, and everything is both sad and confusing in Star City—aka it's a typical night of Arrow

Arrow returns Wednesday, February 1 at 8 p.m. on the CW. 

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