Rebecca Mader


"I'm not dead, yet!"

This is the good news that Lost's fire-haired vixen Rebecca Mader (Charlotte) has to share with fans, the morning after we saw her face-plant into her own blood on the increasingly trippy time-tripping series.

"So far, I'm good," Mader told me today over a cup of coffee in Los Angeles (she's on a break from filming the show in Hawaii). "The fans have been so cool. Everyone's like, 'Nooo, find your constant!' "

Speaking of that "constant," who could very well save Charlotte's life, could Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) be the one? Could Charles Widmore be Charlotte's father? And what request does Rebecca have for the producers regarding one Mr. Josh Holloway?

Read on for Rebecca's answers to your burning questions...

Rebecca Mader, Lost


Girlfriend, you need to find a constant, stat! Do you think Mr. Faraday could be Charlotte's constant and save her life?
Maybe not. Maybe it's something more interesting. Maybe it's something more like...considering she's been to the Island before, it might be something you never thought of, you know?

From Margaret: Why do you think the time travel is affecting Charlotte and not anyone else?
I don't know. I really don't. But it's true that it is definitely affecting Charlotte more than everybody else at this point.

Right. Has she tried a humidifier? I was having terrible nosebleeds, and let me tell you, the humidifier, you sleep with that thing, and it clears it right up.
I need to get one of those for my bedroom! I'm going to tell Charlotte that—that's genius. I'll buy her one!

From Jill: Does Charlotte return Dan's feelings? Will the fact that he loves her be important in upcoming episodes?
I think Charlotte does have feelings for Daniel, but after he tells her that he loves her, and she gets emotional, I think she does that because it's all incredibly overwhelming. Yeah she's tough, yeah she jumped out of an elevator, yeah she's a badass, but at the end of the day, she's a woman. I think she came to the Island for a specific mission, and all of a sudden she's tied up and time traveling, and it's like, this is not what I signed up for.

From David: What is Charlotte's skill set? The group of people who came to the Island were chosen for their particular skills.
It hasn't been revealed to me at this point, and I don't think she has any special skills or powers. I think [her reason for coming to the Island] is more about her birthright than anything else. Though it would be cool to have a superpower. I'd like to be invisible! I could watch other people and then take information to Faraday.

From Indie1008: Could Charlotte be Charles Widmore's secret daughter?
I think there's a possibility that her parents could be interesting. I don't know that yet, but I hope so. I'd like to find out that I have really interesting parents. One of the producers joked at work, when we were shooting the season finale of season four, he was like, "Hey, Mader, next season we find out that your parents are actually Irish leprechauns." I was holding a bottle of water, and I just poured it on him, and we had a water fight. First of all, I'm not Irish. Just because I have red hair doesn't mean I'm a lucky charm, you know? It was really funny.

Are you hoping for any other romantic connections on the show? Jack? Sawyer?
[Laughs] I think she could handle all of them! Seriously, she could be like one of those 7-Elevens, open all hours. 24/7 yo! I need to send Damon and Carlton an email about that: "Pretty cute what you've done with Jeremy, but Josh Holloway, anyone?"

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