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We apologize in advance, Mean Girls fans. 

This week, the Internet was rocked with some incredibly difficult news: That movie wasn't perfect after all. Sure, Tina Fey is still the best non-drug pushing teacher of all time. And we'd still wear army pants and flip flops any day. But the team over at Glamour mag just broke our collective world wide open by exposing some major continuity errors. 

Yes, things are going to get technical, but we're warning you that it's not going to make it any easier to digest. 

They pointed out that there are some major plot holes in the tale of our favorite Evanston, Ill. high schoolers. In between all the hair secrets and pink Wednesdays are mistakes that we seriously cannot believe we never noticed. Are we dense? Blinded by our love for this fabulous movie? It doesn't matter, because these plot holes exist. 

First up, Mrs. Norbury's pants. On Cady's first day, when she bumps into her and spills her coffee all over, she is wearing baggy brown trousers. Then in the next scene when she is in the same classroom drying off the same pants, they are suddenly fitted and black. No, girl! 

Next up, Janis and Damien's movie night. They are watching something scary and become terrified when Cady enters the room and surprising them, thus throwing a bowl of popcorn into the air out of fear, spilling it all over their laps and the couch. Then magically, moments later, all of the popcorn is back in the bowl all tidy and un-spilled. Guys, no!

And finally, During Cady's house party (you know, the one she throws while her parents are at a Ladysmith Black Mambazo concert, which she skipped despite loving Ladysmith Black Mambazo), she enters her bedroom to drunkenly woo Aaron Samuels. She places her Solo cup on a giant stack of CDs, and then the next thing we know the Solo cup is on the coffee table next to the CDs. Black magic! 

See all of the disturbing imagery over at Glamour, and we wish thee well the next time you attempt to watch this tainted film. 

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