Flip Flops

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Son of beachwear biscuit. Are these flip flops gold and white? Totally, right? Are you sure? Because a lot of people can't tell. In fact, a lot of people are saying they're black and blue. If this argument sounds familiar, it's the same one the internet went nuts over when "The Dress" was a thing. Unclear as to whether or not we ever found out the true color, btw.

It seems we're back here again, but this time everyone is freaking out over a pair of flip flops. Seriously, what is it with things that feature this color combo? We're beginning to think clothing brands are doing this on purpose. Clever marketing move perhaps? Who knows. What we do know is that these shoes are all over the internet. @positivedemi tweeted the pic with the caption, "Que cor vocês tão vendo?" which basically translates to "What color do you see?" 

One thing is for sure, we, along with everyone who has used the internet recently, has literally no idea. Some say blue and black while others say gold and white. Some are also saying they're black and gray. Mostly, a lot of people are just expressing their frustration for the whole ordeal. We feel you all. It looks like Twitter might have uncovered the truth, however. Users are posting pictures of the exact pair of flip flops and saying that they are blue and dark blue. In the posted pictures, it's a lot easier to see those colors.

BuzzFeed has also confirmed with the maker of the flip flops, Havaianas, that they are indeed blue and dark blue. We're sorry for the heartbreak, everyone. You're also probably wondering if you can ever trust your eyes and brain again. Don't freak out. It's just an optical illusion, and you are not losing your mind. Helpful tip: be sure and pull up this tweet during Thanksgiving dinner. It's a great way to distract your friends and family from any inevitable awkward conversation. 

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