Jennifer Lopez

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Once a Bronx bitch, always a Bronx bitch. Only difference for Jennifer Lopez is that she's higher up on the status ladder (don't know why, it's not like she's worked in eons) than ever before, and she wants people to know it, too.

You longtime readers may remember way back during the filming of Enough when we told you how she snit-slapped her makeup artist's hand for putting on too much lip gloss. "Enough!" Jenny from the block from hell reportedly (and ironically) cried, according to an eyewitness, when she felt too much gloss had been applied to her precious diva lips. Well, she's at it again:

J.Lo was attending a private party at Cafe Milano in Georgetown over Inauguration weekend, and she seemed to be pissed to be around for the smallish, 100-person crowd. One of the guests was introduced to Marc Anthony and then Jennifer. Marc cordially and warmly extended his hand to say hello when they met. He then said, "And this is my wife Jennifer," so our Potomac higher-up type offered her hand once more to meet the legendary spitfire type.

The guest then described Lopez's face as the most "I'm so f--king horrified to be here" look ever as J.Lo spat out, "Oh, hi," without smiling, returning the handshake or even looking at the classy lady before her.

Jeez, already! Marc then proceeded to touch his gal's forearm as if to hint perhaps she should be friendlier. Jennifer then, according to our perfectly sober informant, "recoils, looks at everyone in disgust, clucks her tongue and walks away." The diva then marched her big ass (it looked awful in that white napkin dress) upstairs in a fit and spent the rest of the night in an enclosed private dining area by herself, while her friendlier hubby came in and out of the glassed-off area.

Clearly, a duet with Madonna on the last leg of her tour is in order so somebody can bitch-slap Lopez down to size.

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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