Lisa Rinna

Marcel Thomas/ Getty Images

Gotta love Lisa Rinna for having no shame.

She's publicly begging producers of the upcoming revamped Melrose Place for a job. Ms. Rinna really wants to return to the series as her late-'90s character Taylor McBride.

"Tell them I'm available, ready to go," Rinna told me the other day. "I'm very professional and hardworking!"

But she also knows if an offer does come through it'll be later than sooner 'cause she's not exactly the biggest of all the former Melrose stars. As I've reported, the CW is said to be going after Heather Locklear for a return engagement as resident witch Amanda Woodward.

"I'm way down on the totem pole," Rinna acknowledged. "You know, this one doesn't want to do it, that one doesn't want to do it, so I'm just hoping that they get down far enough to me, where they're finally like, 'Oh, just call Lisa...Just hire her, for God's sake! Stop her begging!' "

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