Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner

Pedro Andrade,

• Ben Affleck tells Extra, "I'm definitely romantic." He then describes the romantic texts his wife, Jennifer Garner, sends him: "Get over here. Pick this s--t up! It's time for you to go get our daughter!" Isn't love great?

Stop worrying about Lindsay Lohan's protruding spine—her rep swears there was at least a day when LiLo actually ate two meals.

• A-Rod and Madonna are back to hanging out in the Seinfelds' East Hampton house, where Madge is plotting her revenge on her label for leaking these photos.

• Taylor Swift is still complaining about the girls that were mean to her in junior high. Hasn't she had enough distance and success to be all "ef you guys!" about it?

• Kanye West would like us to address him as Martin Louis the King Jr.

Ugh. Really, PETA?!

Sunglasses seem to be the theme in our Big Picture gallery today.

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