Mickey Rourke, Austin Nichols

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We caught the much-hyped flick The Informers up at Sundance, and must say we were totally let down. The reviews are in consensus that Brett Easton Ellis effed up when adapting his novel, and this bitchass one on Defamer puts it best.

However, we were much more interested in the where-the-hell-are-they cast that "stars" in this film—such as Billy Bob Thornton, Mickey Rourke (for literally three scenes) and Winona Ryder. The late Brad Renfro is also in the movie (he passed away last year shortly after filming wrapped). The audience got chills during one of his final lines, which read, "I have a really bad feeling about this."

Here's what went down behind the scenes:

"The actors really began to live their roles. When you see the film, you'll have a greater understanding of what exactly that means, but some crazy stuff went on," dished the director, Gregor Jordan.

If this is true (which we have no doubt it is after seeing it), the movie should have just been about the friggin' stars. BBT plays a husband who can't keep it in his pants, Austin Nichols portrays a male prostitute who sleeps with both men and women and Ryder is just a crazyass "other" woman.

Reporting by Taryn Ryder

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