Majel Barrett, Star Trek


Gene Roddenberry is boldly going where, well, Gene Roddenberry has gone before. But this time, he's getting some company.

The remains of the legendary Star Trek creator and his wife, Majel Barrett Roddenberry, will embark on a joint mission to the final final frontier, with ashes of both set to be launched into orbit, in accordance with their wishes, by spaceflight company Celestis Inc. next year.

While the so-called First Lady of Star Trek already sent a portion of Roddenberry's remains into space in 1997, the rocket flight was built to disintegrate upon its return to the Earth's atmosphere. This time around, the couple's cremated remains will be launched into deep space and, should things go according to plan, the spacecraft will not return.

Gene Roddenberry died back in 1991, after 22 years of marriage; Majel outlived her husband by a decade and a half, passing away just last month.

Still, the couple won't be breaking any new ground with their unusual sendoff. Erstwhile Scotty James Doohan's remains were launched on a memorial space flight back in April 2007.

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