George Clooney


•  Don't all raise your hands at once (you might look a little bit silly to your officemates), but who wants to adopt George Clooney? We thought so.

•  Drew Barrymore supposedly wants Penélope Cruz to join her, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu for Charlie's Angels 3. Or is it Rihanna she wants? Either way, she's diversifying.

•  Brad Pitt takes one for the roadagain.

•  Bijou Phillips is taking over for Tom Cruise as the Scientology spokesperson against anti-depressants.

•  Why is Avril Lavigne channeling Amy Winehouse (or her hair, at least)?

•  Steve Martin is superstitious about weddings.

•  Dear Jennifer Lopez: Thanks for drawing attention to the musical In the Heights. We hear you are considering joining them on Broadway or working on the film version. Love, Rise 'n' Shine

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