Lost: Jughead

Mario Perez/ABC

Two more days until Lost, but we just got three sneak peeks that you can watch now!

IMHO, the third episode of Lost wipes the floor with the first two—plus, we finally get some decent time on the island, without having to worry about those...what are they called again? Oceanic Six or something?

Click in for your first look at "Jughead," plus some bonus extra hints to tide you over the long two days until the episode airs.

Spoiler Bonus: There are five people in the clip above. You think you only know three of them (Juliet, Sawyer and Locke), but one of those two Dharma boys is someone we've met before.

Spoiler Bonus: Notice how Faraday throws himself between Charlotte and the mines? That's because he lurves her, and we'll learn all about what that crush means for the Island in this ep.

Something to Ponder: Yup, Desmond and Penny have a love child. Care to guess what their wee bairn is named? Post in the comments!

The next episode of Lost, "Jughead," airs this Wednesday on ABC at 9 p.m.

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