Mickey Rourke, Jenna Fischer, Julie Benz, Diego Luna

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Copy machines and cats...just another day at The Office. Actually, it's more like Super Bowl night.

Jenna Fischer says expect utter lunacy on the Office episode airing Sunday immediately after the big game this Sunday. "Pam gets some family news that she and Jim have to deal with," Fischer told me yesterday on the SAG Awards red carpet, before she took off to shoot some photos she was planning to post on her MySpace page.

"The entire office goes berserk and there's complete mayhem," she said. "I can say that Jim and Andy do something insane with a copy machine, and Angela does something crazy with a cat."

And while you're waiting for that, here's what else I learned on the carpet:

Onetime party animal Mickey Rourke did nothing to celebrate his Oscar nomination. "You know, it's kind of new to me," the Wrestler star said. "I really didn't [celebrate]. I was just really thankful that I was in a film with a director [Darren Aronofsky] who was able to push my buttons."

And put Rourke back on the map. He's up for a role as a villain in the Iron Man sequel opposite fellow comeback kid Robert Downey Jr. "I hope it happens," Rourke said. "We'll know soon."

Dexter's Julie Benz joked—at least I think she was joking—that her wedding present to her just married costars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter will be a set of steak knives. "I don't know what to get them, but isn't that a great gift?" she asked.

We have feeling whatever she decides to give them, she's not about to tell us media types. "Unlike a lot of Hollywood couples that might flaunt their relationship, [Hall and Carpenter] like to keep it sacred, special and private, and I really respect that," Benz said. "It's very hard to do...I don't know how they managed to do it, but they did."

Diego Luna was being a dutiful hubby and daddy-to-be when he won the role of Jack Lira in director Gus Van Sant's Milk.

"My wife was pregnant, and I went to buy Cocoa Puffs," Luna recalled. "She needed so badly her Cocoa Puffs, so I went to a store and was buying many boxes to take to Mexico. That's when I got a phone call from Gus. He said, 'Man, I want you to do the film.' It was like only an hour and a half after I met him."

Luna's wife, Camila Sodi, gave birth to son Jerónimo in August. "He's beautiful, the best," Luna said. "They're in Mexico right now because I am doing theater there. I so want to go back."

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