Chelsea Clinton Opens Up About Balancing Her Family Life With the Election

Hillary Clinton's daughter talks about her children Charlotte and Aidan

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Chelsea Clinton has had a busy year.

Chelsea has been her mother's, Hillary Clinton's, No. 1 supporter in the race to the presidency, campaigning alongside her family on many tour stops and even welcoming a second child of her own in the midst of it all. With her hectic schedule and now two kids at home, Chelsea has somehow managed to figure it all out—and talked to E! News about how she does it.

"I travel with my son Aidan [Mezvinsky] whenever I'm gone for more than a day because I'm still breastfeeding and I'm very committed to that," she told E! News.

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"I'm grateful that I'm able to take him with me so I can continue to feed him on the road, and I travel so much in part because I don't want to be gone from my daughter Charlotte [Mezvinsky] who's two for too much, so I ping pong back and forth to New York so I can make sure that I see her at least every couple of days."

If Chelsea can't make it back, she turns to technology. "I'm ridiculously grateful to FaceTime," she added. "I'm so thankful to technology as silly as that sounds."

It's a far different experience from when her father, Bill Clinton, was running for president and she was just 13 years old and technology wasn't nearly as advanced as it is today. "I really couldn't imagine doing this without that ability to see [Charlotte] and maintain that connection," Chelsea confessed.

With Hillary's history-making run, Chelsea said she made sure to save some mementos from throughout her family's journey. She wrote down stories and saved pictures of her mom's "youngest supporters" so that her kids can feel "connected" to their grandma when they get older. Chelsea also explained that she would be taking her kids with her to the polls because it was always "really meaningful" when her parents brought her.

"It's a sacred responsibility," Chelsea said.

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