Kate Winslet

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Kate Winslet is not confused. Tina Fey is not paranoid. And, no, the heavyweight 30 Rock cast is not afraid of Calista Flockhart.

A rundown of the night's backstage doings—and sayings:

5:54 p.m.: "I don’t have to give a speech back here, too, do I?” asks Winslet, who either never caught her breath after winning two Globes a couple of weeks ago, or just lost it again about 20 minutes ago.

•  Winslet's back here now with the SAG she won as a supporting actress for The Reader, the film for which she's nominated for a Best Actress award at the Oscars. It's all very confusing. Unless you're Winslet. “No, I’m not confused," she assures me. "I’m very clear on that [her Oscar nomination]—I’m very very happy too."

  For those wondering, Winslet isn't a Nazi, she only plays one in The Reader. "I couldn’t relate to her at all,” Winslet says of  the character. “Did I sympathize with her? No.” 

• Winslet is looking purpler than Prince. Good thing then that when a reporter asks her what she likes about her dress, she replies: "The color."

In case you missed it on the telecast, Judah Friedlander's baseball cap reads: “Most Improved.” I'm pretty sure it's meant as an ironic statement.

• The 30 Rockers win, on average, an award every 48 hours. "It feels like everybody is starting to turn on us," Tina Fey says. I'm pretty sure it's meant as a Friedlander baseball-cap statement. 

30 Rock, Screen Actors' Guild Awards

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

• In her acceptance speech for the show, Jane Krakowski made a vintage crack about the skinny and skinnier Ally McBeal cast. I ask the brassy actress if she's afraid Calista Flockhart will come after her, or if she feels safe that the, um, more solid 30 Rock cast will have her back. "Oh, it was just a joke..." Krakowski laughs.

• I'm glad Krakowski's not worried, because as it's constituted backstage right now, the 30 Rock lineup really isn't all that, um, heavy. Alec Baldwin and Tracey Morgan are MIA.

• On stage, Fey joked about her daughter one day catching reruns of her show on the Internet. So, does Fey actually watch her TV show on TV, I ask? "When I’m home, I absolutely watch it on TV," she says."If not, I TiVo it." You know, like everybody else."

• "I download it illegally from England in HD," says Friedlander, getting in the last word on the brave, new, scary broadcast TV business model.

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