Steve Carell, Nancy Walls

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"I'm just really thrown by the GlamCam that's undressing me as we speak."
Brad Pitt, expertly dodging a question about life with Angelina Jolie with a shout-out to E!'s own fashion camera. Nicely played, Pitt.

"I think they're a bit bored of it now."
Angelina Jolie, talking about how her kids feel about all the glamour and glitz that goes into getting ready for a big awards show

"You gotta keep the fights clean and the sex dirty."
Kevin Bacon, explaining the secret of how he and his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, have managed to stay married for 20 years

"I'd like to meet [astronaut] Neil Armstrong, but I've never met him. Or Buzz Aldrin. Any astronaut, but I haven't seen any here tonight."
Steve Carell, on who he'd most like to meet at the show

"Not just elbows. Oh no, it's kind of cozy up there."
Hugh Laurie revealing that more than elbows are rubbing together on a crowded red carpet.

"I was playing Wii tennis with my son."
Kate Winslet revealing what she was doing when she got the news that she had been nominated for an Oscar.

"New towels. That's the best part of being married."
—Newly engaged star Amy Adams joking about what she anticipates will be a high point of her wedding.

"I worked drive-thru because I couldn't do anything else. …Drive-thru's nice."
James Franco recounting his days working at McDonalds

"Like I'm gonna get my cherry popped."
House hunk Jesse Spencer telling what it feels like to be a virgin, nomination wise, at the SAG awards

"I just saw James Earl Jones, my biological father!"
30 Rock's Tracy Morgan, on all the people you get to see at the SAGs

"We're on? But your breasts are hanging out."
The Office's Creed Bratton, trying to psych out E!'s Debbie Matenopoulos

"I've used a little Silly Putty today. It works wonders."
30 Rock's Jane Krakowski, on how she plans to keep her breasts from upstaging her dress

"Oh man, he is the worst. He's just too talented and handsome. Honestly, going around anywhere with that guy, you feel like a troll."
John Krasinski, discussing his Leatherheads costar George Clooney

"I don't, actually. Not today. There's no space for them."
Emily Blunt, revealing that she was not wearing any Spanx undergarments, or presumably anything else, under her skintight dress

"Did I just say, 'Dr Pecker?' Sorry."
Giuliana Rancic, talking to Katrina Bowden about the 30 Rock actress' first commercial gig for Dr Pepper

"It's all actors, so people at home don't get bored when all the boring writers, editors and cinematographers come up to collect their awards."
The Office's B.J. Novak, explaining what makes the SAG Awards so special

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