Gerald McCullouch


In a fresh twist on reality TV, an actor from TV's C.S.I. recently brought down a real life crook. With his fists!

According to New York Daily News gossip hounds Rush & Molloy, Gerald McCullouch (that's investigator Bobby Dawson to C.S.I. fans) was riding the subway in from New York's JFK Airport at 2 a.m. when a big goon tried to grab his laptop and jet.

But McCullouch, who works out three or four times a week boxing, slugged the would-be robber. "Well, that's when he pulled a kitchen knife out of a black plastic bag," said the actor. "This thing must have had a blade 10 inches long. The other passengers started running out the door and into the next car."

The robber reportedly tried to stab McCullouch, but the blade glanced off his leather jacket.

"We were in each other's face," the actor told the Daily News. "I think I punched him again as the doors closed and the train started leaving the station. I'm watching MTA workers on the platform looking in. I thought, ‘Great, now I'm alone in this car with him.'

Luckily for McCullouch, the train stopped halfway out of the station and cops rushed in to subdue the dude. So happily, Gil Grissom's gruesome crime scene expertise was not needed.

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