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Were there any real celebs at this year's Sundance Film Festival? All I kept hearing about was Paris Hilton, Kevin Federline's first baby mama and the very low-class Linda and Nick Hogan. I mean, if I were a celebrity, I think I might skip it myself. It seems like it's lost its appeal to the big names. Am I wrong?

I suppose my mentioning of a Deschanel and Michael Cera wasn't enough for you. Well, you may blame Barack Obama.

According to Eileen Colavita, whose Spin Shoppe PR company ran one of the swag suites at this year's Sundance, most people left the film fest after just a few days, so that they could head to D.C. and take part in the inaugural balls.

Now, let's dispense with more of your Burning Q's.

Why don't we see Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's kids anymore? There almost always were pictures of Shiloh and the others in weekly magazines, and now nothing. Has anyone seen them or the new twins since they were born?

There are plenty of photos out there of the royal family; they're just carefully controlled by the couple. Exhibit A: Angie and the kids in the November 2008 issue of W magazine. The photographer: Brad Pitt.

Hey Bitch, in last week's episode you said you were looking to buy a new car. You should buy the Twilight car, the Volvo C30. Everywhere you go, I guarantee people will be looking at you.
—Abe From Arizona

You're implying that people don't stare at me anyway? Great idea on the car, though. But, shoot. Just spent all my money on a Viper.

Who wrote that naughty "If U Seek Amy" song Britney sings?
—Cindy R.

Swede-pop superviking Max Martin co-wrote it, along with Alexander Kronlund, Savan Kotecha and Shellback.

Yes, Paris Hilton did take 30 bags at Sundance and it was from my gifting suite at the Hollywood Life House. Could you include that in your post? They were actually Whiting & Davis brand purses.
—Page Jeter, Entertainment Fusion Group, West Hollywood, Calif.

Sure, but it'll cost you some purses. I am a woman of reason. I will ask for only 2,500 purses. There does not need to be cash in them. What kind of greedy monster do you take me for?

You're the BEST!!!

And you, dear Shonna, are correct.

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