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Think Rob Pattinson’s the only Twilight dude up to something scandalous? That flick’s filled to the fanged brim with sexpots—it’ll be way easy to corrupt Dakota Fanning if she joins the cast. Watch out, girl.

Major Twi-hunk sex goss coming, but first: a li'l bitchy bit about a dude connected to that other teen booby obsession, Gossip Girl. GG’s Blake Lively’s brother Eric also claims to be an actor, and he’s starring in the snowboarding flick Deep Winter.

According to on-set sources, the Lively lad was so not a doll during filming—the big-egoed guy behaved like being Blake’s bro made him God’s gift. Unfortunately for him, success in the sibling department only worked for Ashlee SimpsonEL’s nowhere near as famous as his sis, and prolly never will be, either, so no one bent over backwards to please his rude 'tude. On the other hand, Lively’s Winter co-star, who just happens to be a major player in the vampire franchise that is Twilight, was a pleasure to work with—especially when pleasuring the ladies. Ya see, Twilight’s not the only film starring horny hotties:

Our inside Winter sources squawk to us that Kellan Lutz (who's currently single and perhaps faking relayshes left and right) and his co-babe Peyton List bit necks and more during shooting of the snowy pic—so say biting witnesses. Fun stuff, to be sure!

Also, Ms. List was “gorgeous, but all Diet Coke and cigs,” says our know-it-all insider, so predictable-H'wood-actress of her. KL musta gotten bored eventually, since he invited a bevy of other pretty little things on set to do some extra work in a party scene—and to fawn on him when the cameras weren’t.

Hmm. Think there may have been some sexcapades keepin’ Kel and certain castmates warm during Twilight’s shoot as well? Old habits do die hard; don’t you believe otherwise.

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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