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The Gossip Girl spinoff is gearing up. In case you haven't heard, the show will launch as an episode of the original series and, in episode 24, we'll travel to Los Angeles for a look back at the life of Lily Rhodes (Kelly Rutherford) when she was a lost young soul slumming around the Valley.

Can't picture it yet? Do you remember that show Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson) on The O.C. was obsessed with, The Valley? Cross that with Serena van der Woodsen and you should have it!

Now, how did Lily end up over the hill? Where and when will the pilot shoot? Click in to find out, plus get the rest of the juicy deets on the Rhodes family...

According to sources, the spinoff-setup episode of Gossip Girl shoots in Los Angeles in mid-March, meaning there are just two short months to cast these roles...

  • Li'l Lily, as we like to call her around here, is being touted as a 16-year-old version of the Lily van der Woodsen we all know and love. Gorgeous and privileged, this Lily has a bit of a rebellious streak that doesn't sit too well with the parentals. When she's kicked out of her prestigious boarding school, Lily is forced to relocate to her older sister's home in none other than...the Valley!
  • Carol Rhodes, Lily's adorable big sis, is a free-spirited actress waiting for her big break! She's in her early 20s and always seems to be making bad decisions—the wrong men, the wrong career choices...you name it! Her screwups will definitely add a fun, comic element to the show. I vote for Amanda Detmer or Kiele Sanchez, but who would you pick to play Serena's wacky aunt? Post your picks in the comments.
  • Lily's dad, Rick Rhodes, is a handsome and charming music exec always looking for the next big thing. By the looks of it, Rick will have no trouble fitting in on the West Coast: Hot young girlfriend? Check. Supertanned and toned? Check. Paging Harry Hamlin? Check!
  • There's even going to be a young version of Cece, Lily's mom. Not much has changed from the version of Cece we know from Gossip Girl—same overly critical, stuffy and cold New Yorker, just younger. Maybe Teri Polo? Last but not least, expect some eye candy, too! Owen, a 19-year-old hottie from the wrong side of the tracks is in the works. Possible love interest for Lily? What will Rufus think?!

Sounds kind of juicy, don't you think? Would you be down with a down-and-dirty Lily? Post in the comments!

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