George Clooney

Dr. Ross has returned!

George Clooney is back in scrubs on the set of ER, and, despite the skeptics who said there was no way the superduperstar would ever revisit his old County haunts, a pic of the actor on set is proof you can see with your very own eyes.

To top it all off, we just got some inside info on what episode they're shooting right now, and it's exactly the kind of unique outing that would draw back the great George Clooney...

Reps for the studio and network are refusing to confirm a thing, but sources tell me the episode currently on the ER production schedule is called "What We Do." 

"What We Do" is written and directed by longtime ER show runner David Zabel, and it's a special documentary-style installment of the show. (Perhaps the ER producers have been particularly enjoying The Office lately and decided to take a page from its mockumentary-loving book?)

According to sources, the fictional producer of the "What We Do" documentary is a County General employee, and the ep will feature a multitude of ER patients, doctors and passersby, including Sam's (Linda Cardellini) stroke-afflicted mother.

No word yet about where Clooney would fit in, but we're ready to speculate that he could be shooting "archive" footage that would be cut into the documentary. (Something of a variation on the flashback/dream sequence method of bringing back old characters.)

Now, it's entirely possible that they are shooting Clooney's scenes totally out of sequence just to accommodate his busy multihyphenate schedule, but this ep sounds right up his alley to me. And wouldn't a documentary look at County General just demand a few minutes with ER alum Doug Ross?

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