Punny Political Costumes That'll Win Every Halloween Contest

These ideas are pure genius

By Diana Nguyen Oct 23, 2016 1:00 PMTags

Election Day 2016 is fast approaching—but first…Halloween!

Whether you're Team Hillary, down for the Donald or haven't quite yet decided, celebrate the spectacular holiday with punny political ensembles that should land you enough votes to win Best Costume. Fellow party-goers may not agree with your economical stance but they will appreciate a thoughtful costume.

Bill Clinton & Balloons

For example, there was no GIF more popular after the Democratic National Convention than Bill Clinton and his balloons. Needless to say, Bill was having a ball. To create his glee, dress in your best suit. Then get one of your friends or a significant other to tape latex balloons all over them. Best couple's costume? We think so.  

Royal Blue Balloons 15ct, $2.99

Costumes You Can Wear After Halloween

Trump Tower

No one can deny Trump Tower, especially the one in Las Vegas, is pretty eye-catching. Put on that infamous blond wig and a suit and turn heads like the skyscraper with gold face and body paint. Plant yourself on the dance floor and let others enjoy your real estate.

The Billionaire Wig, $8.69; Custom Body Art 10ml Gold Metallic Face Paint Painting, $5.96

Mitt Zombie

Pretend it's the zombie apocalypse and give Mitt Romney the undead treatment. You don't even need to buy anything. Just put on a suit (c'mon, it's the only thing these guys wear) and use your (or your significant other's) makeup to create the fresh but morbid look. You'll just need concealer or foundation in a shade much lighter than your skin tone, red liner and brown and black eye shadows. Watch this video for the full tutorial!

Mitt Romney for President Pinback Button, $3.15; NYX Cosmetics Slim lip Pencil, $3.49; Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation, $42; Lorac Pro Matte Palette, $28

Easy Halloween Costumes for Under $50

Weeknd at Bernie Sander's

People who enjoy a play on words will appreciate this one. The Weeknd's hair may be too time-consuming to replicate on such short notice—instead, put on a similar-looking wig, a suit (yes, another one), a few campaign buttons and lean back and jiggle for the best Bernie dance ever. 

Adult Men's Singer Record Producer Weekend Can't Feel My Face Black Costume Wig, $14.41; Bernie Sanders Election 2016 Democrat Liberal Pinback Button or Bottle Opener, $1.50

Sexy Ken Bone

If an undecided voter can capture America's heart with a red sweater and an earnest question, you can, too. Of course, in the spirit of Halloween, go more risqué than relatable—in a cropped version of Ken's V-neck, skin-tight pants and some studious-looking frames.

Chicuu Women Crop Top Plunge V Neck Cross Front Clubwear, $11.72; Topshop Wet-Look Leggings, $15; Forever21 Men Square Reader Glasses, $5.90; Kodak Fun Saver 35Mm Single Use Camera With Flash, $8.36; Realistic Prop Microphone, $3.99

Our nation should be so proud. 

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