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We remember the days when Oscar-nom morning would come and Kevin Spacey would more than likely be a part of it. Now? We caught up with the former two-time Oscar winner slinking around Sundance, promoting his new indie flick, Shrink, instead of celebrating a nom with friends, fam and fellas.

Hey, Kev, there coulda been a nice role for ya somewhere in Milk, we’re sure, if only you went after that terribly chic and sorta male-dominated subject material. But, like, we really did ask this question. For real: What do you  think about all these gay-friendly flicks finally getting noticed? Answer might surprise more than a few:

“I think it’s great!” Spacey said, perky and perfectly adept at perhaps uncomfortable queries. “I think people should be courageous and brave enough to do subject matter that they find politically incorrect, dangerous or important to do.”

So you’d be down doing a Milk-like pic? “Oh yeah! Send me the dangerous stuff!” 

There ya go, H'wood, ya heard it straight from Spacey’s mouth—can someone send him the script to Toothy Tile: The Movie? ('Cause we so know the real Toothy would pass on it.)

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder and Becky Bain

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