Something tells me Joel McHale is going to have a field day with this one.

Tonight's all-new episode of Grey's Anatomy is a must-see, even if you're wavering as a fan, because almost every long-running storyline from this season is advanced, and also...Lexipedia breaks Marc Sloan's, um, penis.

Check that out above and then duck inside for the latest from dead Denny and, oh yeah, Derek's proposal plans. What?!

Bonus: Tonight Izzie finally figures out what the frak is going on with the dead guy in her head. Unfortunately, that revelation does not promise brighter days ahead. Well, they might be brighter if you consider white light bright. As in, "Don't go into the white light, Izzie!"

Bonus: Who else thinks Eric Stoltz knocked this arc out of the park? Any Grey's fans out there now extra excited for Caprica? Who's with me? In the meantime, Mer's dance with this devil continues to be mesmerizing and perverse. Most remarkable of all, between this episode and the ep with the visit from McDreamy's mom, Meredith Grey actually starts to make sense. Yes, after five years, the good doctor's character has a welcome, newfound coherence.

Bonus: Arizona Roberts (Jessica Capshaw) has a silly name, but if you ask me, she's the best addition to the show in a long time. Something about her clear skin and those bright eyes and her natural clarity of purpose...which so many of our Seattle Grace friends lose upon entering the hospital. Can we keep her, Shonda? Huh, can we? Please? We promise to feed her and take her for walks every day without being reminded.

No further comment on the Cristina-Mer-McDreamy-McHottie stuff, because it's all too good to spoil! How are you guys feeling about Grey's Anatomy this season? Post in the comments!

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