There Isn't an Ab in Sight in Abercrombie & Fitch's Completely Clothed Ads, but There Are Plenty of Oversized Sweaters

Popular clothing company is completely rebranding

By Francesca Bacardi Oct 13, 2016 3:42 PMTags
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A&F presents...a whole new (clothed) look.

Abercrombie & Fitch decided to do away with their overly sexualized ad campaigns in 2015 and finally debuted its new ads Thursday morning. Good Morning America featured the new ads, which show a striking difference between the old looks and the new; the most obvious change being the amount of clothing, of course. A&F also debuted its new look on its website and deleted all signs of their old, very nearly naked ads on its Instagram. Welcome, all, to the new, covered up world of A&F.

The clothing company announced last year that it would be doing away with all overly sexualized marketing materials, which meant pictures of nearly naked men and women wouldn't be plastered all over the walls, bags and magazines.

For parents, A&F was probably the store of nightmares: the overwhelming air of fragrance—thanks to the brand's famous Fierce cologne—would suffocate anyone, the loud music threatened your ear drums and the naked "all-American models" were enough to cover children's eyes. But for teenagers everywhere it was the store of dreams. 

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Since the departure of CEO Mike Jeffries and competition from H&M, the brand has struggled with falling sales. Some changes, such as lowering the volume of the pulsing music and increasing lighting, have already been put into effect.

Shirtless men will no longer be greeting customers at promotional events, and employees, who were labeled "models," will now be known as "brand representatives."

A&F's decision to completely rebrand comes after the company faced backlash surrounding a discrimination lawsuit filed by a Muslim woman who claimed the company refused to hire her because she wore a traditional head scarf.

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