Heath Ledger

Stephen Vaughan and DC Comics; Ash Knotek/Snappers/ZUMA Press

Synchronize the Watches: Nominations are due to be announced at 5:30 a.m. PT tomorrow.

Why You Can Forget About What Happened at the Globes:  At the Globes, a film like Slumdog Millionaire held a decided advantage—a decided geographic advantage—over a film like Benjamin Button. To quote the positively thrilled Hollywood Foreign Press member who introduced the victorious Slumdog-ers to the Globes pressroom: "They're from Bombay! Like me!"

Before You Ask, and You Will: If Heath Ledger is nominated, he will be the seventh person nominated posthumously for an acting Osar. Jeanne Eagles (1929's The Letter) was the first; Massimo Troisi (1995's Il Postino) is the most recent. James Dean earned two posthumous nods, meaning Ledger would be the eighth posthumous acting nominee overall.

No Sympathy: Peter Finch (1976's Network) is, to date, the only posthumous acting Oscar winner. And per this list compiled by the Los Angeles Times, only 14 of 69 overall posthumous nominees have won.

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