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He's Just Not That Into You, starring the Jennifers Connelly and Aniston, Scarlett Johansson and Ben Affleck, among many starry others, finally comes out next month after having had its release date pushed back twice.

Now, when that many famous faces are in one flick, egos are bound to collide, making some onset messy-poos. Is that what halted the release date of Into You in the first place? Hey, just look at Aniston's hookup mayhem in the tabloids during the filming of Marley & Me.

It seems damn plausible that all of her big-name costars in this film would be fed up with other such dude silliness, right?

An integral source from the movie spills:

"Jennifer [Aniston] was actually very sweet and the easiest to work with," says our Into You insider. "She kept to herself a lot, but that was because the other girls were just...intimidated." Our spy makes the distinction between friendly Jen and Scarlett Johansson, who was also an onset loner:

"That's because others didn't want to be friendly to Scarlett."

Now this is our kinda insider! Let's keep going:

Apparently, with hot and confident gals like Jen and ScarJo, some of the other girls didn't feel too good about themselves, body-image wise.

"If you don't feel good about yourself and what you look like, it's hard to act," our Into You mole offers up as one reason why so many reshoots were required from certain castmembers, causing myriad delays.

"Eating issues," we're told, was one very prominent nastyass situation that kept a highly visible Into You babe not in great working order. Huge delays happened as a result. Hmmm. See what happens when you don't eat, gals? Not only does your bod suffer, so does your producer's budget! Pretty sure way to not get asked back for the next project, we assure you.

The behind-the-scenes consensus on producer-star Drew Barrymore was that she was simply a pleasure to be around, but who wouldn't be when you're "head over heels in love," like she was with ex-BF and costar Justin Long, at the time. Still, our source also adds, cryptically: "Everyone was sort of in their own world when they were on the set." Particularly the starved ones.

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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