Lost Promo Poster, Season 5

ABC Studios

Has your brain melted yet?

Lost returns tomorrow night to ABC. (There's an hourlong recap/clip show at 8 p.m. and then the first two hours of season five's 17 hour-long episodes begin at 9 p.m.)

And with less than a day to go before liftoff, the blast wave has already hit us, thanks in part to the sneak peeks posted below.

The sneaks are a thrill, but they're also a reminder of just how complex, and therefore gratifying, Lost is and can be.

Want to know what Sawyer thinks of the moving Island? What's Sayid going to do now that he's sprung Hurley from the loony bin?

Check out the clips below to find out, and then get extra-special spoiler bonus info with each one!

Spoiler Bonus: Now that they've been properly introduced, Sawyer (Josh Holloway) can start nicknaming the Freighters' physicist! Indeed, by hour three, Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) has become Sawyer's pet "geek." (Sawyer does need a little buddy to fill in while Hurley is away...) On a more serious note, the scene above is the beginning of the flashpresents (as opposed to flashbacks or flash-forwards) promised by Michael Emerson. Is your mind blown? Lost must be back!

Spoiler Bonus: That is totally the plane Mr. Eko's brother's Yemi was in—the plane that eventually fell on Boone and killed him. Hello, season one! (Never let it be said that there are no flashbacks this season.) Locke (Terry O'Quinn) rediscovers that drug plane within the first two hours of the season, and there will be someone special waiting for him nearby...

Spoiler Bonus: Poor Jack (Matthew Fox). Someone pressed mute on the poor man. He's all but silent in the first two hours of the season. WIll he perk up once he's clean and sober, or is this a changed and quieter character? What do you want to see from Jack in season five?

Spoiler Bonus: Ninja Sayid (Naveen Andrews) is in the house! His kung fu is powerful, but his advice may be more questionable. He gives Hurley a few tips about handling Ben Linus, but that advice conflicts with an alternate suggestion from another old character. Which one is right? Check back tomorrow night for the first Lost Redux of the season, and we'll discuss in depth.

Lost premieres at 9 p.m. tomorrow on ABC. (Yay!)

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