Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush

Putting a different spin on the idea of a love lockdown, pro footballer Reggie Bush told Ryan Seacrest on the air Friday morning that he's poised take the next step with girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

Bush told the deejay and E! News alpha dog that, "I'm going to lock it down," the "it" presumably being reality show "it" girl Kardashian.

The NFL running back elaborated--or dug himself a hole, depending how you want to look at it--that there was plenty of space for his amore and much more in his large apartment, suggesting that, "There’s room for a nursery.”

Ratcheting up the romance rumblings ever further, Bush hinted about the possibility of a sparkly gift in Kardashian’s near future, so stay tuned.
—Reporting by Whitney English

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