Bill Clinton Plays With Balloons (Again!), Admits He's Living Out His ''Second Childhood''

Former President of the United States sits down on The Daily Show

By Kendall Fisher Sep 16, 2016 3:25 PMTags

Bill Clinton sat down on The Daily Show Thursday night, providing viewers with an in-depth conversation about the presidential election with host Trevor Noah.

But despite the comprehensive discussion, it really only took a one-sentence explanation for Bill to argue why he believes his wife Hillary Clinton is a better presidential candidate than Donald Trump: "Most of her strongest supporters have either worked for her or done business with him," he quipped as the crowd began giggling. 

He continued, "Most of his strongest supporters are, 'I'm against this administration. I just want something new.'"

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However, Bill admitted he could understand where those supporters are coming from due to the fact that he's from a small, farm-town that's full of them.

"I am a product of what is supposed to be Hillary's opponent's base," he told Noah before joking, "I'll probably be the last president ever to live on a farm without indoor plumbing—it's good politics, it's a terrible experience."


On a serious note, though, he continued, "I watched unscrupulous politicians play my people from the time I was a little boy...I just try to think about what to do about this because I'm not in politics anymore. I think the only way to soothe people's pain is to give them a positive response that constitutes answers not anger, and empowerment not resentment."

Thus, when it comes to looking at both candidates in a broad perspective, Bill explained, "So what I think is important is a proven record of making good decisions and making good things happen for other people—people that work for you, people you were supposed to serve. That's what I think is important."

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And for all that positivity, Noah surprised the 42nd U.S. President with one of his favorite things: balloons

"I thought about what gift I could give you for coming to the show. I really do appreciate it. I thought you are the man who has everything, from people to influence, and I did notice that there is one thing that makes you smile. So I wanted to give you the gift of balloons," Noah said, recalling Bill's hilarious reaction during the celebration at the end of the Democratic National Convention.

The former POTUS couldn't help but laugh with joy as the red, white and blue balloons fell upon them.

"When I saw the film of the end of the convention, I realized it more than anyone else. They were playing with the balloons, and they were going to have to hook me off the stage. I thought, 'You know, I really am in my second childhood.'"

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