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Sante D'Orazio/HBO

While Twilight's the sequel du jour on everyone's lips nowadays, we'd much prefer to return (for a break, at least) to part-two gab on Sex and the City. Kim Cattrall dished that the second big-screen Sex is definitely on, and Sarah Jessica Parker said shooting next summer looks "realistic" for the film to be out by 2010. Are Kim and SJP gabbing too soon? 'Cause it doesn't look so good when we talked to the movie's male castmembers...

Chris Noth told us he doesn't "think it's gonna happen," and Evan Handler is at a loss, too. "I don't know anything about it but what I hear in the press," Ev told us at a recent L.A. fete. "I have no idea whether it will happen or not."

Should we be worried that this is the end of Sex?

Keep those martini glasses handy, we assure you. The foursome's first foray into flicks made over $152 mil and counting, and actually proved—shock!—women and gay men not only go to see movies, they can help open them, too! What a notion! And whether it's dinosaurs or intergalactic robots or four women talking about funky spunky and such, a hit is a hit, and a sequel is always in the works for a blockbuster. Always.

As for the menfolk being in the dark? Maybe they're planning on killing off Big once and for all—works for us, since we could never forgive the dude for running out on Carrie at their wedding. In fact, let's start a campaign for it right now! And Harry's Handler wouldn't be surprised if he were rubbed out—guy's terrified the writers will "give Harry a massive coronary and set Charlotte free...or maybe I'll have a massive coronary and that will decide it all," he cried to us.

Hope not, hon, but ya never know—if those rumors of Britney joining the cast are to be believed, they're gonna need some extra screen time for Brit-Brit to stumble through her lines.

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain


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