American Idol Auditioners, Katrina Phoenix, Andrew Kansas City

Michael Becker / Fox

We're two days into American Idol's eighth season, and theoretically we may have already seen who's going to be having a moment like this, the time of his life, her now, etc. when the May finale rolls around.

For sure we've seen more than a few train wrecks, some really weird hair, a lot of tears and profanity, not to mention abrasive Bikini Girl, Ryan Seacrest trying to high-five a blind contestant, a female judge who makes sense and a host of new Simonisms.

And that was just in Phoenix.

Tonight's episode saw the Fox juggernaut roll into David Cook's hometown of Kansas City, Mo., where the competition heated up thanks to real-deals like Ashley Anderson, Casey Carlson, Jessica Furney and Jason Castro's pink-haired brother.

Then again, Simon Cowell started the whole night off by telling someone she sounded like a cat falling off the Empire State Building, so there was plenty of schadenfreude to go around, as well. 

You've seen what these two great U.S. cities had to offer. Are you dying to check out the local bar scene, figuring you'll discover the next David Cook? Or are you planning to make sure you never have so much as a layover in these burgs?

American Idol to Date: Phoenix vs. Kansas City
As the first week of Idol auditions comes to a close, which city had the most to offer?
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