Paris Hilton

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

It was bound to happen sometime.

Paris Hilton caught a virus.

Quiet your dirty minds, though. The heiress' website was hacked recently, exposing fans to a variety of dangerous viruses…computer viruses.

"Some parts of Paris Hilton's website were infected with malware, a nasty bit of viruses and spyware that can try to access your computer and get bank records and credit card numbers," Garry Scott, a spokesman for computer safety consultant ScanSafe, tells E! News.

"This is not the first time she's had these problems due to her high profile."

Scott says celebrity sites are common targets for cyber criminals because of the high traffic on their sites.

Not unlike the recent robbery in her home, the BFF-seeker is the victim here.

Thankfully, Hilton fans need not worry about catching the bug.

"Visitors to the site are now completely safe," says Scott.

Insert obvious joke here (but please, watch the language).

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