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Does Angelina Jolie have friends? There is never any mention of her having friends, and there is extensive coverage about her. 
—Karen, Los Angeles

Per the New York Post, Jolie has a "girl-talk thing going" with porn star Tera Patrick. The two reportedly like to email each other. Does that count?

Having just watched the Globes, was wondering: Are celebrities made to do interviews at awards ceremonies? Or can they refuse and walk straight into the venue?
—Erica, Pittsburgh

Let me punt on this one. "On the red carpet, celebs have the right of way—period," says red carpet planner Eva DuVernay, who is coordinating Saturday night's Sundance debut of the documentary Why We Laugh, starring Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and others. "They can definitely refuse to do an interview with whomever they please. Usually, big names will participate in a small number of interviews before entering the venue."

Say you're Kate Hudson and mostly invited to the wedding because you are a star and will bring the big payoff afterward. Do you still need to bring a gift?
—Nancy, Dallas

No, dear. This is not a bar mitzvah. You don't bring a gift. You send a gift, and according to an insider who has been to many a celebrity wedding, it's not uncommon for star guests to spend $500 each on a bride and groom.

Do you know what is going on with The Riches, the FX TV show? Will it be back on?
—Z. Anthony

Nope. It's done.

Could you tell me more about Laura Wasser? Every time I read about a celebrity getting a divorce, she always seems to be their lawyer.
—Kelsie, Minnesota

That's because she's a celebrity divorce lawyer, a profession that, no matter what, always seems to lead to celebrities and their divorces. Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg rank among former clients. Perhaps more admirably, Wasser hung in there during Britney Spears' hot mess of a custody fight, racking up a reported $60,000 in fees in the process. And that was for two months' work.

I'm writing with a serious request. Can you provide an address to send words of encouragement and support to Patrick Swayze and his wife, Lisa, as he continues his battle with cancer? I realize celebs don't always get these messages, but I'd like to make the effort anyway. Thank you.
—Mary, Missouri

I am rendered blind by the light of your pure, white heart. Send your note to:
Patrick Swayze
c/o Jayme Phillips
335 North Maple Drive, Suite 351
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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