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As you may have heard, John Glover (that's Lionel Luthor to you Smallville fans) is joining the cast of Heroes, Vol. IV: Fugitives as Sylar's bio-dad, but what you probably don't know is which unexpected TV icon nearly got the part...

Cosmo Kramer!

So why didn't Michael Richards get the gig? Well...

Sources tell me exclusively that Seinfeld star Richards auditioned for the role of Sylar's father, and actually seriously impressed the producers and NBC.

Still, the final decision handed the role to Glover, who will come on board about five episodes into the second half of the season.

So how does it go down?

Sylar's quest to discover his mysterious origins, sources tell me, is that character's major arc for the second half of the season. Having learned that he is not, in fact, a Petrelli, the erstwhile Gabriel Gray sets off on a quest to discover his origins. Along the way he will pick up a road-trip buddy named Luke Campbell, who is played by Dan Byrd (Aliens in America). Sylar finally catches up with daddy dearest about five episodes in...

Are you excited to see Glover in the part of Sylar's dad? Would Richards have been able to pull it off? Post your thoughts in the comments!

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