Balthazar Getty


So Perez just ran a blind item (what a fun idea!) about an actor with a home-wrecking girlfriend whose behavior on the set is 100 percent getting him the boot from his hit TV show. Now, we simply have no idea why, but this made us think of a random chat we had with Balthazar Getty's costars from Brothers & Sisters over the weekend at the Art of Elysium Charity Gala.

So are Getty's "Sienna" antics effing up the vibes on set? His castmates spoke out:

"We're a family, you know, and we're all going through everything together—we'll make it out on the other side," fessed cutie Dave Annable. Nice try with the optimism, but we're not exactly buying it, babe.

"I know you read so much stuff," sniffed the über-talented Rachel Griffiths before declaring, quite evenly, "and it hasn't come from us. All I can say is I'm [still] working with Balthazar, and he's so loved by all of us. Ultimately, we're all going to stay together, and I think we all feel good about that."

But what about behind-the-scene friendships? Is it all just stiff-upper-lip professional sticking together biz for the Bros and Sisses, or does Sienna Miller's latest, disastrous boy-toy actually have more personal support from the hit show?

"Yeah, yeah, we're all good, and friends, still," said B.G.'s amigo and also a former Miller hookup Matthew Rhys, quite unconvincingly. Jeez, are all these folks taking cues from Madge's publicist or something? The more they assure us, the more we don't believe them. Such a shame 'cause it's a damn good show.

—Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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