Sean Penn

Tony Barson/Getty Images

In the words of Sandra Bullock, probably the best thing about the drawn-out Golden Globes last weekend was the free drinks. As the champagne flowed so did the awesome stories. During Mickey Rourke's acceptance speech, there was one guy who was visibly pissed it wasn't Sean Penn at the podium. We assumed it was 'cause S.P. was a buddy of his or somethin' but no, the upset man said it was because Sean is not only a great actor but also a...great person.

And no, this wasn't Lindsay Lohan in drag talking to us. "He saved my life," babbled the drunkard.

Do tell..

"I drank too much and was passed out, sprawled out on the bathroom floor of a bar," relayed the good-looking 40ish dude in a suit, celebrating at the Beverly Hilton while he chatted to us.

The grateful guy continued: "[Penn] was in there, rushed over, and was the one who called for help. My buddies were like, dude, Sean Penn saved your life! He's a great guy."

Holy mackerel, Captain Boozetastic! Penn was sober enough at this bar to asses the serious sitch? We simply adore S.P. and would love to add "resident bar reviver" to his résumé. Think he'll mind?

—Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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