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It's so Heath Ledger's year—unfortunately, he's not around to enjoy it. After snagging every damn award under the Hollywood sun, Globes now included, the Oscar path to final posthumous glory is set. So sad Heath's not able to score a sequel to all these awards again when the third Batman flick comes out. Heaven knows Eddie Murphy is no replacement as top villain. (Thank god we no longer have to worry about that.)

And if Rachel Weisz is too busy starring in British period pieces to don the newest incarnation of a catsuit, how about Tina Fey as Catwoman? Now that would be a superhero to please all feminists—killer claws and wit. Which, of course, means Sarah Palin will play Penguin, right?

But what about Aaron Eckhart's Harvey Dent/Two-Face? Sure, Eck-hon has claimed that the half-bad guy is "dead as a doornail," and director Chris Nolan is saying the same. But we remain staunchly dubious, since a surprise visit from the white knight would def keep fanboys crawling back for more, especially since the Joker's a no-show.

So over Globes weekend we asked über-doable A.E., Are we gonna see you in the next Batman?

Aaron just gave us a li'l smile. "Umm...huh?" Which, of course, we choose to interpret as "uh-huh," these parties pokings are sometimes such hard sitches to get diction down, ya know. But, if the first is more accurate, you heard us, Eckhart, don't pretend ya didn't. Can we consider your coyness as a confirmation? Since it would be so easy to just say no if there was no chance of you returning to the franchise.

Plus, Batman sources hint to us you're back. So there. You are.

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain and Taryn Ryder

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