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Showtime's fan favorite Dexter was completely shut out of any Golden Globe wins this year. (So. Not. Cool.) But the cast still had good reason to celebrate: the secret wedding of stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter.

"We champagne toasted [Michael and Jennifer] at our table," costar Julie Benz tells me. "It was a small, private toast. We're all so excited for them. They're just two wonderful people. They're such great friends to me, and we're all very happy for them!"

Pretty kind words for the woman whose new husband just ran off with his own sister, right? Oh wait, right, that's on the show. (Damn you for making your characters too believable, Dexter cast!)

So did any of the castmembers make it to the ceremony on New Year's Eve?

"No, they eloped," Julie says of the nuptials, which went down in Big Sur, California. "It was very private. It's really a testament to them as a couple. They're very unassuming; they don't seek the spotlight. Their love is very private. They've kept their relationship very private for a long time. We all knew, but you guys didn't. It's just a true testament to them as people and the love that they have for each other."

C.S. Lee, Julie Benz, James Remar, Lauren Velez

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As for what's in store for the fourth season, Julie hints that Dexter's secrets may be found by some unsuspecting (and diminutive) subjects. "I think that now, Dexter not only has to deal with a wife, but now he has two children that are living in the house that are probably going to be riffling through things. Where's he going to hide his slides? Seriously. I hope they get a new house, that's all I hope for!"

Well, that and a little rumble tumble in the break room with Patrick Dempsey. Turns out Julie is a big Grey's fan and tells me: "I would love to get steamy with McDreamy! It would be fun to break up Meredith and Derek. Or, I would love to die [on Grey's Anatomy]. Come in with some horrific accident or something, like a tree through my stomach would be kind of fun."

Note to Dexter Morgan: Turns out your girl Rita isn't so gore-shy after all!

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