Suicide Squad: Why the Critics Need to Calm Down

Super villain flick may not be the best movie, but it's perfect for summer

By Marc Malkin Aug 05, 2016 7:27 PMTags
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It's enough already with film critics.

Well, not all of them, but I am so done with reading and hearing about the harsh reviews of Suicide Squad.

I am not ashamed to say that I liked the movie. I had fun watching it. I didn't get bored and I've recommended the film to family and friends.

I'm not going to quote what the critics have said about Suicide Squad because I think most of what they've opined is a bunch of malarkey. I didn't go to film school and I'm certainly no film historian. I am a fan of movies. I love movies. And I love all kinds of movies.

Is Suicide Squad the best movie ever made? No, but it's certainly not the worst movie that's ever come out of Hollywood.

Is it dark? Yes.

Is it fun? Yes.

Is it memorable? It sure is. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is a colorful work of genius. Jared Leto as the Joker? Fantastically evil. Viola Davis does badass like no one else. And who doesn't love Will Smith with his big hunky bod? And then there's Joel Kinneman as Rick Flag, the good guy super villain wrangler. The House of Cards actor lights up the screen—no matter how dark it is—every time we see him.

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Sure, the story is a little convoluted. But hey, it's a superhero comic series. I want to see lots of different characters. I want to see plot twists that throw everything up in the air and watch as it all tries to fall into place.

The fights scenes are what we want from our comic book heroes and villains. Where else can ya get a kick out of a brute named Captain Boomerang (Jai Courtney) using—what else?—a boomerang to kick some ass.

To the critics, I say, "Calm down! Suicide Squad is a fun popcorn movie perfect for summer."

I know critics and fanboys alike might dismiss what I think because, well, I'm not a critic or a fanboy. But 99 percent of the movie-going audience isn't either.

Before we know it, we'll be engrossed in awards season, when it's more than appropriate for critics to slice and dice the merits and failings of filmmaking.

For now, just sit back and enjoy the show.

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