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Heath Ledger's win wasn't the only thing that got stars emotional backstage at the Globes Prop 8 did it, too!

"It's un-American," Tom Hanks, who nabbed a Globe for producing the terribly popular John Adams, told me. I asked Hanks, one of the Biz's most politically astute members, why he thought the gay-marriage-banning proposition had passed, helped largely by huge sums of media money funneled through the pro-Prop 8 Mormon church.

"You put some good commercials on the air," deadpanned (accurately) the two-time Oscar winner, "you can convince anybody of anything."

Hanks was adamant that the Prop should be overturned by the California Supreme Court and that folks should be able to marry who they wish. "Love is love," he twinkled with a knowing fire. Amen, bro.

Also feeling some political oats was Laura Dern. Seconds after winning her Golden Globe for playing overly made-up Katherine Harris in HBO's Recount, Laura said that other mascara addict Sarah Palin should get lost. But she was very polite about it!

When I asked Dern, svelte in Marc Jacobs, what course would she suggest for the infamous recent veep candidate, she at first lampooned the abuse of the word "rogue" in connection with Palin. Then she laid down the benevolent law: "I wish much happiness for Sarah Palin and her family," Dern professed with a killer half smile, which she obviously perfected playing the not-so-genuine Harris.

"In Alaska."

Message received loud 'n' clear, Laura-love. And congrats!

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