Naveen Andrews, Lost


Naveen Andrews' latest drama has enough twists and turns to rival an episode of Lost. Albeit one with a much more clear-cut ending.

The TV star was granted temporary custody of 3-year-old son Naveen Joshua this morning after the boy's baby mama broke the terms on their existing arrangement, according to TMZ.

The courtroom battle royale featured all kinds of mudslinging by the boy's mother, Elana Eustache, who claimed Andrews tried to posion their son and the actor's longtime partner, Barbara Hershey, was unfit to care for the tyke because she practiced witchcraft.

All that was missing was a smoke monster...

Andrews had called for Wednesday's hearing after claiming that Eustache recently broke the terms of their custody deal by both taking the younger Naveen out of Los Angeles County sans permission and by preventing Andrews from seeing the boy.

While ostensibly attempting to defend herself, Eustache claimed that Andrews, along with longtime girlfriend Hershey, were poisoning the boy and that Hershey was a practitioner of the dark arts.

After Eustache wrapped her laundry list of unfounded claims, Wasser requested that the judge order the woman to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Since Eustache brought little Naveen with her to court, the boy was immediately handed over to Andrews, who left the courtroom with the boy, Hershey, and a modified custody order.

Andrews is allowed to bring his mini-me to Hawaii, where the new season of Lost is in production. The order also allows either Andrews or Hershey to monitor the boy.

The actor, who plays Sayid on Lost, admitted to fathering a "love child" in 2005, while briefly separated from Hershey. The couple rekindled their romance and Andrews announced at the time that he had "every intention of assuming appropriate responsibility" for the boy and acting "with all integrity."

Andrews' sole custody will stay in effect pending a full hearing on the matter next month.

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