Nicole Richie, Blake Lively

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OK, confession time: We didn't hate Nicole Richie on NBC's Chuck earlier this season. (She was actually good.)

So just like you die-hard Gossip Girl fans—who, no joke, have emailed in from all over the world asking about this "story" today—we got a little excited when we read in the NY Daily News that Richie is in talks to appear on the CW cult hit later this season.

So is it true? Is Richie hitting up the Upper East Side? We have the answer from rock-solid CW insiders and Richie's rep, who tell us...


Sorry, but according to Nicole's rep, "This isn’t true information." And while the CW hasn't yet commented, reliable insiders close to the show tell me: "That's the first I've heard of it." And, "Not true."

Still, if you're a believer in successful partnerships (Richie appeared on Josh Schwartz's other show, the aforementioned Chuck) and/or The Secret (this idea is now out there in the universe, thank you, Daily News!), this could end up happening now at some point.

So take the poll and sound off below!

Nicole Richie on Gossip Girl
Should Nicole Richie guest star on Gossip Girl?
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