Furby Connect

Business Wire

Furby is no longer that lazy-eyed, mumble-mouthed, ball of fur that woke you up in the middle of the night so you'd tickle its doo-dah (which is the Furbish word for tummy —we hope). 2016 Furby is the fuzz ball of the future, complete with LCD screens for eyes and an entire world of WTF behind them. Business Wire also notes this version is called the Furby Connect because of course, kids need toys that Bluetooth with their smartphones and tablets.

Your new fuzzy buddy will interact with you through music, video clips and even current events. Sooo you're saying we could have learned about Brexit or Hiddleswift through the eyes of our Furby? Probs not, as the content being synced to the Furbys will be kid friendly. 

The Furbs old jerky movements will be a lot more fluid than what we '90s kids grew up with, and they'll speak over 1,000 phrases as well. It will be available in pink and teal, and can be pre-ordered starting today on Amazon. BRB.

When you download the accompanying app it appears you can care for your Furby in a Tamagotchi-like fashion which gets us pretty excited. Bonus: Furby Connect comes with its very own eye mask to put it to sleep because who remembers locking their '90s Furby in a dark closet JUST SO IT WOULD STOP TALKING?! Smart move, Hasbro. 

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