Let's play a game. No, it's fun, swear.

If we asked you to take a wild guess on what Emma Watson's ringtone is, what would you say? For us, something classical or timeless instantly comes to mind. Like, maybe Johann Sebastian Bach's "Air on G String," or maybe something from The Beatles? And it would subtly get louder as it went on, instead of just surprising you with an aggressive ring.

Don't ask us how we came to that conclusion. Watson is just classy AF, and those seem to be a good fit.

Regardless, we'd be wrong, and (we say this with kindness) your guess was probably wrong, too.

During an interview about her upcoming film The Colony, along with speaking on the different projects she has lined up, a sudden ring from her cellphone interrupted the conversation.

Seeming completely mortified, Watson quickly grabbed at her phone and apologetically turned off the ringer, and while that was cute already, nothing topped the fact that her ringtone was Tina Turner's 1989 hit "Steamy Windows." LOL!

"That is so embarrassing! That is my phone. That's Tina Turner," Watson said, which was followed by the interviewer giving her props on her musical selection. Watson responded, "Thank you, well I'm glad I'm forgiven because it's Tina Turner, otherwise that would've been terrible. Thank you. I'm so sorry."

Oh, Emma, you are just so dang likeable.

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