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Game of Thrones finale spoilers are everywhere, man. Even Siri is dropping details, but only if you ask for them. Siri, you know, the lady on your iPhone has some pretty spot-on responses when you ask her about Jon Snow's (Kit Harington) parentage.

Jon Snow's parents were revealed in the season six finale and spoiler alert: He's not Ned Stark's son, rather he's Ned's nephew. Jon is the son of Lyanna Stark, Ned's sister, and Rhaegar Targaryen. Yeah, he's also the nephew of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) learned Jon Snow's true parentage in a vision, but he's the only one who knows this now. Not even Jon Snow knows who his parents are. In his eyes, he's still the half-brother of Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner).

Anyway, now that you've been reminded about all those details, check out what Siri has to say when you ask her. She's a little cheeky with the answers, which include "Let's just say, there's some fire in this Snow" (GET IT?!), "I'm sworn to secrecy, but I can tell you that he's quite a singer," "To know the history, you'll need to do the math: R+L=J" and "Like Ned, I promised I wouldn't tell."

Game of Thrones, Siri, Jon Snow


Which is your favorite? We're partial to "Let's just say, there's some fire in this Snow."

This isn't the first time Siri has gotten a little sassy about Game of Thrones. While Jon Snow was dead (remember, technically he was dead), if you asked Siri if Jon Snow was really dead, she'd respond with answers like this: "I don't know. I just hope someone is setting up doggie daycare for Ghost."

Game of Thrones will return for new episodes, but not that many. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, executive producers and co-creators, confirmed seasons seven and eight will be shorter than the seasons that came before them.

Are you excited about what's to come? The end is nigh, but the battle is just beginning. Thanks to the official Game of Thrones Twitter account for alerting us to the wonders that is Siri talking about Jon Snow.

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