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In the name of all that is sacred, what the French fry is going on with fast food these days? Burger King is making Whopper burritos, you can get drunk off slices of Pizza Hut, and Starbucks has a violently colored drink for every mood of your monthly cycle. McDonald's has been riding the crazy train as well. They've made changes to everything from their bags, slogans and stores. This time, they're rolling out a new drink/dessert called the McFloat, and it sounds like the perfect fast food fantasy. 

Obviously, floats aren't anything new to the world, but being able to pull up to a McDonald's and get one is pretty freakin' convenient. Plus it totally reminds us of childhood and we couldn't get enough nostalgia if we tried. Business Insider got first dibs on the new menu item, which consists of creamy soft serve and Dr. Pepper. 

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Apparently, they say you can also special order Coke McFloats, which leads us to wonder if you can secretly order other flavors of soda as well? You never know until you try.

Right now the cup of calories (which actually isn't horrible as the medium runs about 280), is available in certain locations in New York and Seattle. Here's hoping MacDo comes around and realizes this would be the perfect summer addition to every one of their menus. To make you even more jealous, the McFloat has been enjoyed internationally for a while and is just now being introduced in the states. McDonald's lovers in other countries enjoy their McFloats with something called "Green Apple Sprite" (please advise) and whatever that beautiful blue mess is above. 

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