Let's be honest, there's probably nothing more difficult than trying to keep up with the characters of Game of Thrones. For six seasons there has been plenty of death, marriages, destruction, betrayal and more, so if you find yourself slightly confused week after week, we don't blame you.

In a PSA produced by Buzzfeed to get millennials to register to vote, President Barack Obama participated in a variety of activities that are more difficult than the act of registering, including naming all the characters who have died on Game of Thrones. The president has made his fandom well known, scoring screeners ahead of time much to the chagrin of fans around the world, but even he couldn't name them all.

"All right, you've got Ned, Robb, Khal Drogo, Jon—but maybe that doesn't really count," he says in the video. Then he names Renly and two of the Starks' direwolves, but we're not so sure animals count. "And then Hodor," he adds. "That was sad."

President Barack Obama


That was as far as Obama got on the list, which makes us think he taped this PSA before Sunday's finale, as viewers know a ton of people were killed...an entire city's worth of people, so we think the president would have no problem expanding on his meager list. But like we said, who can keep up or even remember everyone who has died on the show?

In between naming the victims of the HBO show's kill list, Obama had to try to make a string friendship bracelet, stack Cheerios, play a successful game of Operation and untangle earbuds.

Watch the video to see just how well (or poorly) the president performs in each activity!

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