Independence Day: Resurgence


In case you haven't heard, Independence Day: Resurgence, the sequel to the sci-fi action flick that took the box office by storm in 1996, is ridiculous, over-the-top nonsense. And it's a-ma-zing. If you're looking for a summer movie that has about as much substance as the butter pooling on the bottom of your popcorn bag but is still entertaining as hell, then by all means, get yourself to a theater to see Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum team up to fight aliens.

Did you read that? Jeff Goldblum and Liam Hemsworth fighting aliens together! What more do you want from a movie?! The answer is, of course, NOTHING.

Independence Day: Resurgence


Of course, since this movie is so out-of-bounds crazy in the best way possible, you will be left with plenty of burning questions that will plague you and your dreams for weeks after the credits roll. 

Check out our burning questions below and please add your own so we have a complete list to send to director Roland Emmerich. He'll need this information before he starts production on Independence Day 3: This Time It's Personal and Also in Outer Space. Warning: spoilers below, obviously.

Independence Day: Resurgence


1. How is it possible that Jeff Goldblum is getting hotter with age? 

2. And he's more attractive than Liam Hemsworth in this film, right? 

3. Speaking of, how did Liam's character Jake possibly know that was his girl on the ground after she crashed her ship in the end?

4. How was there a 10-year ground battle in Africa if the '96 aliens supposedly stopped after the mother ship exploded?

5. Why wasn't the entire movie about the African warlord in combat with the aliens? We would watch the crap out of that film.

6. So can we get a prequel about that 10-year war?

Independence Day: Resurgence


7. Why was David making jokes while watching millions of people die in London?

8. Actually, David made quips during every scene in which people were dying. What gives? Read the room, Levinson!

9. Why didn't Charlotte totally call out David for making jokes during the destruction of London after telling him her family lives there? 

10. We were definitely right to be cautious of the first alien ship to come near us in 20 years, but why was it the American president who made the call to shoot it down?

11. So, are the Americans the ones to blame here?

12. Why didn't we at least try the ol' "give the aliens a cold" trick again? Just in case we could make it two for two?

13. Oh, and how hot is Bill Pullman in his silver years? Yum.

14. Why didn't we hear more about how Vivica A. Fox's character became doctor?! We saw her for a split second and then boom! She was gone. We wanted more about what happened with her life after the War of '96.

15. By the way, why didn't her son Dylan swoop in to save her? He could have had her jump on the wing of his jet. It's not very safe, but it would be safer than the imploding building.

Independence Day: Resurgence


16. Why is the alien queen such a terrible shot?

17. Why did it take 20 years to get only one giant laser on the moon? We had all their technology; why did we only have one laser? 

18. Why did we wait until after the aliens blew up our moon base to activate our orbital defense system? 

19. Any why did said orbital defense system need a damn countdown? You see aliens, you activate it! 

20. What happened to David's estranged ex-wife? It seemed like in the first film they were rekindling their romance. They couldn't make it work after a giant alien invasion?

21. Why did Patricia Whitmore choose Jake over Dylan? The three were obviously close, so why did she lean toward Liam's character and not Jessie T. Usher's character? We would love to hear that backstory. 

22. Why didn't the big alien ship just self-destruct after we killed the alien queen? That was very convenient for us.

Independence Day: Resurgence


23. We have all this amazing new technology from the aliens, and yet we still have to rely on gas to fuel our cars?

24. Were Dr. Okun and the man who knit him a "sweater" in a relationship? Because we totally ship it.

25. Did you also ship the warlord Dikembe Umbutu with Floyd after they spent the movie fighting together? We did.

26. Why did the alien queen focus on David, his dad and the school bus full of kids? She's an intelligent life form; did she really think a school bus took down her ship?

27. Why, even with all these burning questions, will we totally still see the third film that's inevitably coming?! Because humans rule and aliens drool, that's why!

(If actual aliens are reading this somehow, please don't attack our planet. We are probably woefully unprepared for it, despite what these Independence Day films tell you otherwise).

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